The Healing Tree

Margaret Cheasebro visits local bookstore

Margaret Cheasebro, freelance writer and shaman, will be at Page One Books 3pm Sunday, Feb. 28, to talk about and sign her new book for young adults, The Healing Tree.

The book is described as such: "When three children meet at summer camp, they discover that in a past life they fled from an evil woman who tried to steal their blood and their powerful connection to nature so she could rule the world. To their horror, the children find the evil woman at camp, posing as Jasmine, the rich owner’s girlfriend, and she still wants their blood. A magical cottonwood helps them flee to a Pueblo village that stood on the camp site 900 years ago. There, they meet a traveling medicine man, who helps them, but Sage Handler, the village medicine man, tries to turn villagers against them. Using the time traveling cottonwood, Jasmine joins forces with Sage Handler. Mysterious Baba, the summer camp’s caretaker, lends his aid as the kids and star warriors, who befriend them, try to thwart Jasmine’s plans. Can the children believe in themselves, outwit their enemies, and defeat Jasmine before she achieves her goal of ruling the world?"

Cheasebro is a freelance writer who has won many state and national awards for her magazine articles. In addition, she also is a Reiki Master and shaman. She is the author of the eBook, "Healing and Growing with Reiki: Exploring Reiki I, II and III (Reiki Master)." She also wrote the teacher’s activity guides for a series of children’s chapter books–Belle’s Star, Belle’s Trial and Belle’s Challenge–told from a dog’s point of view. She has written four books of puppet scripts and plays, among them Puppet Scripts by the Month and Puppet Scripts by the Situation. A retired elementary school counselor, she writes for regional magazines, enjoys playing table tennis and competes in the New Mexico State Senior Olympics.