Questa’s Art of Flying at The Kosmos, Friday April 30

Rural freak folk takes Fifth Street

art of flying though the light seem small

Seminal Questa, NM-based avant-folk rock trio Art of Flying come down from the hills to play an extremely rare, not-to-be-missed Albuquerque gig at The Kosmos tomorrow night.

The band, anchored by founders David and Anne Costanza, has its roots in The Whitefronts, a 1980's San Francisco improv rock group that grew out of the scene that launched Camper Van Beethoven. But for more than 20 years they have been hiding out north of Taos recording outsider music in a pristine vintage-analog adobe hut sporting an old-school two-inch tape deck, a 4x8' plate reverb unit, tube amps, and microphones that make geeks slobber.

Friday’s show is in support of their new release, Though the Light Seem Small. Mark Weaver’s trio Do Tell joins the bill for this evening of freak folk, weird jazz and subharmonic vibrations.