Faun Fables
Faun Fables


This Week's Music: Bad Religion (tonight), Faun Fables (tonight), Henningsen on Behemoth

Bad Religion has 30 years of hardcore punk and some graduate degrees under its studded belt. There’s a Ph.D. in the Mosh Pit—Bad Religion appears at the Sunshine Theater tonight, Nov. 11.

Aural Fixation: Faun Fables’ animated songtelling reveals the spirit of an adventurer. Appearing tonight, Nov. 11, at Low Spirits.

Coffin Break: Michael Henningsen on Behemoth’s Evangelion

Flyer on the Wall: Attack of the Vampire Mermaid Tour, Wednesday, Nov. 17, featuring hip-hoppers Ecid, Noah23, K-the-i?, Jordan Miche, and locals Omen 20012 and Sapience Christ.

Song Roulette: Obscure tracks from Derek Caterwaul, promoter of local DIY music and arts, DJ, long-time host of KUNM’s “Music to Soothe the Savage Beast.”