Blog Spot Beats: Mitchell Akiyama, Matthewdavid, Sawako + Daisuke Miyantani

Viral Sounds

If Night is a Weed and Day Grows Less (Sub Rosa, 2004)

"With Hope That (For Steve Reich)"

This track consists of piano loops and cello—with no less than ten chords swarming you immediately—sucking you in for six minutes of heartfelt bliss. You'll hear plucking and bowing of cello and redundant keys set to cross-coordinate patterns. Listening to this song, I feel as though I'm in a surreal world in which futuristic hybrid birds are standing around me in a circle bobbing their heads, with more flying above in a sphere, creating a perfect dome of inconsistent movement circulating in different levels.



Matthewdavid’s unique way of producing is pleasantly hallucinogenic. This track makes you feel like you're underwater while high on nitrous, bass shooting throughout your body in bubble form. The sample is most likely from a female R&B track from the '90s. Augmented vocals are extremely compressed, soaring through your ears like zeppelins popping at a slow-paced speed, then gradually increasing in tempo. The drums are fantastic and well-placed enough to make any musically inclined being have a deep appreciation for the style. The synths are worked in sufficiently to create a crystal-clear mind flow. Glitch hop on another level.

Sawako + Daisuke Miyantani Hi Bi No Ne (, 2008)

"Flash Back"

Sawako and Daisuke Miyantani are both sound-art musicians from Japan. "Flash Back" is a track that I could lay back and zone out to for several hours. Granted it's only one minute long, but it is straight groundbreaking. Daisuke takes Sawako's vocals, chops them up into quarter-second samples and throws them into each of your ear drums sporadically to create a binaural bliss that slowly sedates your mind. In-between and throughout each vocal chopping you'll hear high-pitched synths laid down beautifully, making all the sense one could ever expect for a song of this length. The rest of the album is very beautiful, having a more mellow feel to it.