“AssMilk,” Tagore Songs, Garage & Wax and satirical outbreak

Tyler, the Creator
Tyler, the Creator

There are always more boss concerts afoot than we can cover in our print edition, but we do our utmost to inform y’all about gigs that are particularly worthy of your attention. Fans of hardcore/hip-hop, world music, psych-rock, surf, Elvis homage, singer-songwriters or acoustic folk inflected with punk and stand-up comedy should peep this week’s Music to Your Ears for the deets on four rad shows. Scope related A/V below. Sunshine Theater • Tyler, the Creator • Fri Apr 5 • 7 pm • $22.50• 13+ •

Tyler, the Creator - “Yonkers”
Kamalini Mukherji - “Oi Je Jharer Megher”
The Fucking Adventures - “Four”
Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits - “Life is Excellent”