Selsun Blue show Sunday May 27th

Musical brunch at Blackbird Buvette, noon to three p.m.

Pawn Drive was a great original downer-country ensemble that at times featured about a dozen musicians. I saw them at the Fat Chance once and they looked like a hick version of Dr. Teeth and Electric Mayhem, by which I mean there were a lot of talented musicians on stage and they all looked seedy and not quite human. Sunday's show was originally supposed to be a kind of Pawn Drive reunion, but somewhere along the way it turned into a Selsun Blue gig, even though at least two or three other Selsuns will be absent. No matter. Darrell Sparks and David McChesney were in both bands and they are the reason you will want to show up and listen. Joining Sparks and McChesney for brunch at Blackbird Buvette will be antique hand plane collector Jason Fink, "easy-listening" Joe Silva, singer Erin Saulsbury, Purdy Dimas, and t.v. and radio personality (and musician) Leah Black. ....Should be enough folks to fill the stage like the old days.