Post-Ashes & Fire, Ryan Adams Revisits Rock

Singer-songwriter Ryan Adams' vast catalog of musical efforts spans over a decade of providing listeners with eclectic choices. Adams is no stranger to experimenting within and crossing over into unexpected musical genres. In August he released a punk-influenced EP titled 1984 on his PAX AM label, further demonstrating his versatile approach to songwriting. His newest self-titled album is no exception to this rule, offering teary ballads alongside rousing rock numbers. The nostalgic quality of songs like "Stay With Me" and "Trouble" may lead listeners to reminisce about 1970s FM radio (even if they weren't around for the original experience). For many devoted fans, Adams' latest record offers all the expectant joy of an old friendship. And for new listeners, it can serve as an infectious introduction to a new sonic relationship. As part of the North American tour to promote his eponymous 14th album, Adams and his band the Shining play Albuquerque's Kiva Auditorium (401 Second Street NW) on Monday, Dec. 8, at 7:30pm. Adams is an artist who's truly worth connecting with, and his live renditions of new songs and classic hits alike promise an entertaining evening. Former Rilo Kiley frontwoman Jenny Lewis, who's now recording and touring as a solo artist, opens the show. Kiva Auditorium • Mon Dec 8 • 7:30pm • $35-$61 • ALL-AGES! View in Alibi calendar