Tender Accord: Jenny Lewis and Ryan Adams harmonize at Kiva

Ryan Adams and Jenny Lewis
Courtesy of the artists
It was the first day of December ... Then, it was a Monday night in Albuquerque. As I seated myself at the Kiva Auditorium for the Jenny Lewis/Ryan Adams concert, I glanced a large cat perched atop an amplifier. The magnificent (stuffed animal) tigress peered down at me quixotically, and I knew I was in for some magic.

The fact that singer-songwriter Jenny Lewis appeared onstage rocking a rainbow-colored suit only enhanced the surreal atmosphere. Lewis played a few songs solo before Adams appeared on duets like "Head Underwater" and "Just One Of The Guys." She reciprocated the gesture later by joining in on Adams' performance of "Sweet Carolina." The seemingly effortless synthesis of their respective sounds offered the audience a glimpse into the depth of their working relationship. Adams produced Lewis' latest album "The Voyager" at his PAX-AM studio.

The scope of that Monday evening concert was thrilling. And seeing Adams and Lewis in concert together revealed the tender accord they can pull down from the heavens. The starry backdrop of lights and the celestial sounds the two made together held the audience in thrall. They both have a knack for writing songs with emotionally rich content, and this similarity in their musical styles allows them to harmonize well together.

The evening was complete when Lewis and her band came onstage with Adams for a lively farewell rendition of his song "Come Pick Me Up." Having navigated the creative process together in the studio, a bond was clearly built between the two, and that connection shone through to the audience that night. Everyone seemed to realize that they were indeed a part of something magical.