"A Thousand Rooms in a Thousand Colors"

Badd Fish
Badd Fish
Sharon LaCava

If you hadn't already guessed, I spend a lot of time listening to local music; everything from the deconstructed and droning delta blues of Italian Rats to the Klezmer-based constructions of The Rebbe's Orchestra. From Eric Lisausky's progged-out psych pronunciations in YOU to the fascinating fun to be heard on the latest by 5 Star Motelles, I love it all.

Mine's the perfect job for an ethnomusicologist. Or for someone that just plain likes to rock the fuck out.

So, one of the music subcultures that fascinates me in these parts are bands that play what we called "pub rock" in the UK. You know, straight-ahead outfits that earn their stripes playing to crowds who wanna hear music that is familiar yet formidable.

As far as Burque is concerned, I'll go with Badd Fish. They're a local quartet led by guitarist Mark LaCava and vocalist Gil Garcia; both have been part of the local scene here for ages.

Badd Fish recently performed a killer set at Burt's Tiki Lounge. This weekend, Saturday, Dec. 5, they'll be at Los Cuates in Sandia Park (12540 N. Highway 14).

Do yourself a solid or Three: get out of town (just a bit), have some super-decent enchiladas and jam to one of this town's most engaging rock ensembles.

The gig is free and starts at 6pm.