Kosmic Weekend

On Friday May 7th, bring your eyes and ears to the Kosmos. The space will be hosting vendors and open studios for the evening and next door at the Factory on 5th Gallery David Cudney is having the opening of the Lucky Cat show, an installation that uses his entire gallery space for cats and luck. On stage at the Kosmos are two first time acts; Panser Bjourn, a local unorthodox songwriter who will woo his way into your heart with sprightly songs on the mandolin. Cloud Lantern, with members from the Decca Sequence, acoustic with varied instrumentation and visual projections. New music and art, comfy chairs, good coffee.
The contemplative and soothing mood of May 7th will be countered by a dance apocalypse on Saturday the 8th. Local electro-popsters, The Gatherers are playing with dirty surf-punksters, The Filthmongers. Hopefully we will be seeing a lot of both of these bands this summer, both are energetic, talented and fun.

May 7th
Panser Bjourn
Cloud Lantern
7:00 pm

May 8th
The Filthmongers ([link])
The Gatherers ([link])
Boxcar Strainsun
8:00 pm

At the Kosmos