Then Eats Cake

Then eats them taking a cake break

For the Crazy Boys Crazy Girls night I organized at the Kosmos, my buddies in experimental act Then Eats Them pulled out all of the stops. You may know these guys from the constantly evolving Yoda's House. Their set began with a commentary on capitalism, starring a mystery man in a penguin costume, progressed into a cake eating party and ended with an extravagant sacrifice by singing saw, with pounding drums, steady drones and interludes with accordion and mandolin. The boys portrayed three roles; the priest, the sun and the lamb and their set was equal parts theatrics, music and shenanigans. It was impressive in all three aspects. They will be playing around in June as Yoda's House. I can't tell you what they might do next, but I can encourage you to be there. It's always an adventure.