The Daily Word 2.3.2007

The Daily Word

Six people have been arrested following a bizarre beating in which an Albuquerque man was forced into a dress and rubbed with dog feces.

A new study finds that Albuquerque and Santa Fe are among the least altruistic cities in the country.

Albuquerque’s first big movie studio is now open for business

Eight players are in hot water after a brawl broke out during last week’s Wyoming-UNM game.

Urlacher-mania is bringing a lot of positive attention to New Mexico.

The state’s minimum wage bill takes another step forward.

Denver-based Frontier Airlines isn’t happy that it may be barred from selling liquor on flights to and from New Mexico..

A Dutch gym is now offering Naked Sundays.

A Chicago priest intends to do an ultra-quickie mass before the Superbowl.