The Daily Word 06.12.07

The Daily Word

Indiana Jones comes to New Mexico.

Richardson uses humor to woo voters. Woo!

A homeless New Mexico puppy traveled through Texas to the coast and still needs love.

The U.S. adds seven nations to the human trafficking blacklist.

Friendly fire results in the deaths of seven Afghan police in Kabul.

The bid to conduct a vote of no confidence in Attorney General Gonzales falls short by seven votes and Sen. Domenici is taking heat.

And Heather Wilson may be rethinking "Stay the course."

The African Union and the UN team up to send troops into Darfur.

Do childhood vaccines cause autism? The U.S. Court of Federal Claims hears the case.

Sunscreen is great, but shade is better.

Crime of the future: The AOL spammer pleads guilty to sending junk e-mail to 1.2 million AOL users. Max sentence: 11 years and $250,000 in fines.

This takes "Don't ask, don't tell" to a whole different level.