The Daily Word 8.13.07

The Daily Word

Karl Rove resigns effective 8/31/07.

The Taliban releases two female South Korean hostages.

Michael Vick will probably be suspended from the NFL 2007 season. Because of that dog thing.

Chinese toymaker hangs himself.

Bat and Frog cryptids found in the Congo.

Merv Griffin, who was dangling on a thread for a while, dies. I didn’t know he made up “Wheel of Fortune.” My sister went to college with a girl who was related to Merv in some peripheral way, and the girl never missed an opportunity to remind everyone in earshot of the fact. RIP, scary little celebrity man.

Also, the world’s oldest person died at 114.

Albuquerque City Council asks Mayor Chavez to relax his executive order that bans smoking on city property.

A mountain lion in Santa Fe.

The heat is unbearable in Burque.

From Yahoo: Seven Easy Dinners You Can Make Yourself! hahahahahhahhaha.