The Daily Word 8.31.07

The Daily Word

Yeesh. PNM considers layoffs, raising rates.

Guv says he didn’t give this contractor a project because the dude made lots of campaign contributions.

Dying Colorado man arrested for smoking marijuana to battle HIV.

The Justice Department’s inspector general is going to look into whether maybe departing Attorney General Alberto Gonzales lied under oath.

More ship-jumping: White House press secretary resigns.

Sen. Craig might step down on his own.

Bush trying to help homeowners. (With friends like these ...)

Daily papers doing worse than expected in 2007.

I’m not linking to any articles about Princess Diana.

Class-action action could stop RIAA piracy lawsuits.

China’s making restaurants change oddly translated menu items to increase palatability for foreigners. Think “virgin chicken” or “burnt lion’s head.”

And the No. 1 woman in the world is ...