The Daily Word 9.3.07

The Daily Word

Bush is in Iraq. Mission Accomplished!

Little girls fell down an abandoned mine shaft in AZ.

Hurricane Felix will hit south of us.

There’s a new schizophrenia drug. No there’s not. Yes there is. Not. Is.

Wiccan makes deal with demons for winning lottery ticket and new frog-like face.

California heat wave is the earth’s way of torturing movie stars.

Top scientists agree: Owen Wilson is doing better.

Albuquerque cops caught the tagger who writes “novel” on everything.

Albuquerque cops also busted a handful of people for DWI as they were leaving Fall Crawl. But man oh man did those people have fun at the Crawl. It was probably the funnest night of their lives.

In case you hadn’t heard, part of NM is getting a new area code in October. Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Los Alamos and others will get to keep 505, but an area shaped kind of like a backwards “C” is changing to 575.

I hope it rains. Looks like it’s getting cooler, too.