The Daily Word 12.31.07

The Daily Word

Read about the man who, after hunting for 20 years, finally surprised the Yeti by a garbage dumpster.

Michael Moorcock fans will be happy to read that the Multiverse may be real.

Bird flu in Egypt. Also, a bird flew in Egypt.

Huckabee is all churchy.

Bedbug extravaganza in NYC.

Berkeley man saves a year’s worth of trash to see what it would look like.

Nothing good can come of having the nickname “Psycho,” and in Phoenix this weekend nothing did.

Read about biodegradable coffins.

Forbidden phrases of 2007.

Pregnancy outsourced to India.

Hateful anti-gay tagging damages Santa Fe vehicles. Also, read about a Santa Fe home invasion.

Horrible hit-and-run kills son as father watches.

Here’s where you can recycle your christmas tree. Telephone books, too.

The Woods are Lovely Dark and Deep: Robert Frost’s home vandalized.

Andy Summers (of the Police) turns 65 today, which seems very old to me for some reason.