The Daily Word 1.7.08

The Daily Word

Man Eats Girlfriend, Ear Swirling in Pan of Boiling Water.

The Horrible Secret of Number 6 Whitten Street. (Thanks to Geoffrey Anjou).

A 12-year-old beat a toddler to death with a baseball bat for crying while he was trying to watch TV.

Subprime: The Word of the Year?

Harvard scientists produce evidence that ESP doesn’t exist. That doesn’t sound like much fun. Luckily, “you cannot affirm the null hypothesis.” Amen. Bring on the yetis.

Huckabee delivers another sermon.

Is Tom Cruise Scientology’s Second-In-Command?

Read about NYC’s “ Ninja Bandit.”

Which will come first: driverless cars or carless drivers? (Because of oil running out, you know.)

Mice can rewire their nervous systems and walk after spinal injuries.

The missing snowmobilers are safe and sound.

Fatal New Year’s Eve DWI suspect had a $7 receipt from Maloney’s. I don’t think you can even get one beer at Maloney’s for $7, can you?

Arrests made in Santa Fe home invasion.

Rio Rancho firebug torches double-wides.

Kenny Loggins turns 60 today. What did you get him, Jessica? Did you draw him a beautiful portrait?