The Daily Word 1.14.08

The Daily Word

The new Iranian movie Jesus, The Spirit of God portrays Jesus from the Islamic perspective - as a prophet rather than the messiah. Director Nader Talebzadeh tried to personally deliver a copy of the film to Mel Gibson, but Gibson was insane that day.

Remember the shock and outrage when Chelsea Clinton wouldn’t comment to a nine-year-old reporter? Chelsea just gave a press conference. Nobody saw that one coming.

Scientists Create Rat Heart in Lab, Eat.

Actor Wesley Snipes goes on trial for paying zero taxes on $38 million in income. He also looks like a dapper space alien.

Read who won at the Golden Globes. Care.

Netflix and Apple battle for victory in the arena of jerky, start-and-stop, low-resolution movie streaming.

Don’t Swing Kids Around in Sleeping Bags. It’s Dangerous.

Nicole Richie Gives Birth to Girl With Four Names. Now Can Party Again.

Albuquerque Teen Sex Scandal: Landlord Changes Locks To Secure The Area.

Maloney’s Tavern Joined in Suit Over Fatal New Year’s Accident.

Church Organist Investigated For Interest In Tiny Organs.

Yes, that one was stupid.

Red Light Camera Task Force Wants Fines Reduced. Everyone Else In Town Wants Fines Eliminated.

Albuquerque Man Has Trap Door in Kitchen.

Carl Weathers turns 60 today. I didn’t know he used to play for the Raiders.