The Daily Word 01.15.08

The Daily Word

The Italian press is calling for a recount in New Hampshire.

The Legislature started a 30-day session today, and the governor wants some healthcare.

Could there be a "sin tax" tacked on to your copy of "Fallout 3." (Dang, I can't wait for that game ...)

More U.S. Marines are headed for Afghanistan.

Denish endorses Clinton and Domenici endorses McCain.

On the topic of McCain, guess who used his fundraising list as collateral for a loan?

The FDA approves meat and milk from some cloned animals.

The world’s happiest countries! No, the U.S. in not on the list.

Japanese whalers tie a British protester to the mast of a harpoon ship.

I don't even think she looks like Jessica Simpson ...

How to survive a 500-foot fall.