The Daily Word 01.17.08

The Daily Word

Flu season is here.

Some New Mexico protesters are seeking damages for being kept further away from President Bush than his supporters.

The City Council isn't happy about the red-light camera contract .... because it's not the one the council approved.

Thirty-five years after Roe v. Wade, the rate of abortions is on the decline.

Extreme Makeover: Albuquerque. (What a show that would make!)

Bush says yes to sonar, no to whales?

A cheese crisis in Italy!

Scientist in New York say they produced cloned embryos of two men for possible stem cell research.

The White House e-mail tapes are gone due to recycling. Go green!

Does cheating at Scrabulous make you smarter?

Wow, nature is amazing. Here's a giant palm tree that works so hard to flower, it kills itself.

Spider Man splits with Mary Jane.

A psychic monkey!