The Daily Word 04.04.08

The Daily Word

If Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. hadn’t been assassinated ...

Tuition at UNM is going up another $260.

Jerks breaking into a lot of cars near Century Rio. Be careful when you park anywhere near there, cops say.

Gas prices jumped 10 cents a gallon while you were asleep last night.

80,000 people lost their jobs last month.

81 percent say the U.S. is “ on the wrong track.”

Cowboy Bush rides against a law that would protect confidential sources.

Clinton says she never told Richardson that Obama isn’t electable.

MSNBC Joe mauled Clinton.

This guy does not know how to behave at funerals.

The attempt to put in Arizona’s constitution a ban on same-sex marriage failed.

They’re going to make another Dune movie.