The Daily Word 05.29.08

The Daily Word

Ready ... spell! Local teen is favored in the National Spelling Bee.

Ready ... debate! Wilson vs. Pearce.

Meanwhile, Wilson and Pearce all but completely dodged the Santa Fe New Mexican. (At least Wilson went in for an interview.)

APS is low on funds (due to a "mistake on some paperwork") and every school will share the burden.

New York recognizes same-sex marriages from other states.

Clinton loses fight to make all of Florida's and Michigan's delegates count.

Bush likens the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to World War II in his speech to Air Force grads.

Are U.S. Soldiers proselytizing to Iraqi muslims?

Global munitions ban agreed upon in Dublin by more than 100 nations—the U.S. not included.

Space shuttle Discovery brings the International Space Station a new toilet pump.

Rhino smash!

Sex in the city ... like, lots of it.

Business going south? Try adding a cat.