The Daily Word 06.04.08

The Daily Word

Steve Pearce wins the Republican Senate primary, and Martin Heinrich takes the Democratic race for the First Congressional District, while Darren White gets the Republican nod. Find all election results here.

Same-sex marriages in California may start June 17.

Could Chicago be the home of the next Olympics?

McCain says he’s in favor of wiretapping.

Figure out your water footprint with this quiz.

Photo tampering through the ages: a slideshow.

Now that Obama has the nomination, what will he have to face in the next five months?

Clinton’s bid for the vice presidency moves further along.

Bush will get pushed today to be more aggressive with Iran. Will he take the bait?

Obama reinforces his support for Israel.

Looks like the presidential town hall meetings are about to begin.

Watch out for Roma tomatoes (in Texas, at least).