The Daily Word 08.28.08

The Daily Word

UNM assistant professor shows Chinese internet censorship data collected during the Olympic games.

APD Chief Ray Schultz says most officers at the scene of Tera Chavez' death were off the clock. (Journal link)

Bloomberg prints Apple CEO Steve Jobs obit a bit prematurely.

Religious riots in India.

Russia: Military help for Georgia is a declaration of war.

Thai protesters won't leave their prime minister's office until the country's leaders resign.

In domestic protests: Iraq war vets were among the largest group of demonstrators in Denver.

In Iraq news: U.S. troops are scheduled to leave the Anbar province on Sept. 1.

New Mexico polls: Obama leads McCain by 13 percent.

Weird, weird trouble at the Animal Humane shelter—like, bestiality weird.

This day in 1963: Martin Luther King. Jr. spoke of a dream.

British bank changed "pants" password. ("Pants," of course, means "sucks.")

Cyber-humans are here!

The red suit phenomenon, revealed!

McCain adviser has a really, really good plan to take all Americans off the "uninsured" list.

Ten (allegedly) underrated sci-fi movies.