The Daily Word 09.22.08

The Daily Word

McCain has 13 cars.

Alaskan Governor Reports Living Mastodon Herds

Half of Americans believe in angels.

Stressed plants produce aspirin

AI helicopter teaches itself to fly

George Michael still likes to party in the bathroom.

Al Qaeda plans October Surprise.

Cell phones cause brain cancer and conversations. I’ve used that one before, haven’t I?

Some people won at the Emmy Awards, others wore cute dresses or so I have heard.

Lobos’ Quarterback is out for the season with torn ligaments.

You mean there’s actual cougar hunting allowed? I didn’t know that.

Another road rage shooting.

“Transformers” sequel to film at White Sands.

13-year-old boy has $2,300 mountain bike.

Hundreds of new species discovered. Settle down. They’re just sea creatures.

It’s Dave Hernandez’ birthday. Here’s the Shins doing “ Caring is Creepy” live and unplugged-ish in Brussels. Distorts a little but who cares.