The Daily Word 09.24.08

The Daily Word

North Korea kicked out the U.N. from its nuclear plant and has promised to reintroduce nuclear materials.

Did this organization illegally register students at UNM?

George Clooney and Ewan McGregor are coming to New Mexico for a film. (subscription or annoying commercial viewing/skirting required)

The state has a new elections chief.

Can Obama live up to expectations?

Clay Aiken finally comes out. Good job, man.

Yes, the economy sucks.

Biden criticizes McCain’s leadership abilities.

75 percent of homes in Galveston are uninhabitable.

The Google phone sounds awesome.

Lance Armstrong will return to racing.

How the Southwest should deal with the water crisis.

How much is $700 billion?

Seussian dinosaur shreds for snacks!

Restoring sight to the blind.