The Daily Word 10.02.08

The Daily Word

The 575 takes over on Sunday.

The new, green $700 billion bailout.

A few things to look for in tonight's V.P. debate.

Sen. Ted Stevens' indictment could be dismissed or declared a mistrial.

Congress approves a controversial nuclear deal with India. (Did you know?)


Steve Terrell digs up an interesting McCain link to New Mexico.

Española man says he didn't win the $207 million Powerball jackpot. (Me either.)

Minnows find their way around new water supply dam. (Journal link)

Study traces the origin of HIV to the early 1900s.

The N.Y.C. cop who gave the order to taser a man who then fell to his death has committed suicide.

News from Hollywood (that could affect Tamalewood): "Screen Actors Guild negotiators call for strike vote."

How to survive falling out of a plane.