The Daily Word 12.24.08

The Daily Word

The Rail Runner’s a hit. And now it’s adding more free trains for the holidays.

Snow, snow everywhere. Albuquerque may even get some snow on Christmas.

Obama comes out clean in the Blagojevich scandal.

De-icing fumes made people sick, and hospitalized three, at Sea-Tac.

Will Obama re-think the food industry?

Newsflash: It’s dangerous to combine meds.

Mugabe won’t step down. Did anyone really think he would?

An interview with Dave Gibbons, artist of Watchmen.

Following Santa through the winter sky.

Gander at this cocktail-dispensing piano and other grad school techno-geek marvels.

So could you condense “Christmas Crossword Puzzle” into “Christword Puzzle”?