The Daily Word 1.19.09

The Daily Word

UFOs were photographed near Chama.

Jesus appears in a lava lamp.

I can’t wait until they sell memory pills.

A father was arrested after his kids were burned with acid.

PETA wants us all to start calling fish “ sea kittens.” Sounds delicious.

Remember when Joaquin Phoenix announced he was giving up acting in favor of music? He was talking about rap music, apparently.

The Shoe Thrower wants asylum in Switzerland.

Some scientists turn their children into experiments.

APS wants to save money by building a giant soccer arena on the West Side.

I-25 construction will begin, surprisingly, in an area where I seldom drive. Good for you, Albuquerque, for once.

New Mexico cocaine is laced with a deadly substance; 11 victims so far.

A camper got cold in the foothills; APD came to the rescue.

They shoot horses, don’t they?

Who will stalk the stalkers?

It’s Dolly Parton’s birthday. Here’s a somewhat hilarious fan vid of “ Here You Come Again.”