The Daily Word 01.26.09

The Daily Word

Some of Obama’s advisers were subpoenaed in the Blagojevich scandal.

More bird flu in China.

Here’s a list of the SAG Award winners.

Home Depot is cutting 7,000 jobs.

Even the porn industry needs a bailout.

A monster truck crushing a monster truck show promoter is an “uncommon occurence,” according to a local sheriff.

Iceland’s government and economy have collapsed. Their politician’s names remain fun reading.

Pit bull attacks savagely continue.

Brush up on your Super Bowl drama.

APS will reconsider the Cheese Sandwich Policy.

An angry woman tried to run over a little boy.

How will the New Mexico Lottery correct misprints on Powerball tickets?

Here are some good Bigfoot Stories.

It’s Paul Newman’s birthday. Here he is eating 50 eggs.