The Daily Word 03.02.09

The Daily Word

Los Angeles wants to try a no-cussing week. You can join up here, just in general.

Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together.

The CIA destroyed 92 interrogation tapes. Shhh. It’s secret.

Missing boaters include two NFL players.

Slanket vs. Snuggie (watch the video, too)

Soft toilet paper is destroying the earth.

Thieves like sidekicks. I thought they were talking about guys that hung out with them.

Migraines are even worse than you thought.

Ed McMahon has been hospitalized.

Meet a Chinese robot maker.

There was a head shooting at Central and Atrisco Saturday night.

A dog mauled a girl scout.

The Downs won't move to Moriarity for at least another year.

HUD is going to give New Mexico $50 million.

It's Karen Carpenter's birthday. Here she is performing " Hurting Each


Thanks for the links, Robert, Geoffrey and Misty.