The Daily Word 03.09.09

The Daily Word

Water ran on Mars 1.5 million years ago. Says one guy.

The earliest domesticated horses date back to 5,500 years ago in Kazakhstan.

Read about Japanese mummies, including the bizarre process by which priests would mummify themselves in life. Apologies to Brendan Fraser who apparently “ hates mummies.”

In keeping with today’s list of ancient activity, scientists have located a papyrus list of ancient Egyptian kings. Also, read about the first language.

They found a vampire skeleton.

Pantalaine Couch Dress is the Ultimate Snuggie.

Here’s a list of ways to be cool.

Meanwhile, in current events, the economic forecast remains dire.

Scientists will meet to dispute evidence thought to support a theory of global warming.

See what Shakespeare really looked like.

A man is charged with owning an endangered gibbon.

Martha Stewart’s puppy died in a propane explosion! I don’t think the psychics saw that one coming.

Another Britney Spears surprise. I was hoping it would be something weird.

Read about magical food combos.

There was a plane smash east of Albuquerque.

It’s raining.

A suspected murderer’s body was found in the bosque.

See some bad paintings of Barack Obama.

Finally, there’s Star Trek perfume. Now I can smell like Kirk while I act like Kirk.

It’s Ornette Coleman’s birthday. Here he is providing a soundtrack for your migraine.

Thanks to Tom Nayder and Geoffrey Anjou for some of these wonderful links.