The Daily Word 03.27.09

The Daily Word

Religious leader Wayne Bent will appeal his conviction.

Spring snow in New Mexico.

A murder. A confession. 15 months in jail. Magazine salesmen released. Confession opened to the public.

Mayoral candidate says he’s innocent. He’s been charged with trying to run over two guys with a van.

Now the state has an official state cowboy song. It isn’t one of Nick Brown’s.

Richardson might not sign this vital, hard-fought open government legislation.

Obama’s plan for Afghanistan: More troops.

It’s a good thing we have Limbaugh around to anchor racism in the U.S.

They hang effigies of this 22-year-old from streetlights in Mumbai.

Old airplanes don’t just go live on a nice farm somewhere.

Japan’s having a hard time selling stuff to broke consumers in other parts of the world.

Should you medicate your kid who has ADHD? Study says it could stunt growth.

There could be an HPV vaccine for men.

T.I. is going to jail for a year.