The Daily Word 05.06.09

The Daily Word

So the Albuquerque Journal now appears to be charging for all of its online content. No trial pass, no ad watching to get around it. You just have to pay. (Try for yourself.) So you can expect no more linking to Journal stories around here. Nice work, Lang.

A U.S. airstrike killed dozens of Afghans earlier this week.

So what on earth is an “i-house”?

And who keeps stealing an orb from Cathedral Park?

The first successful face transplant revealed.

Kiefer Sutherland headbutted some dude.

Supposedly more UNM students are binge drinking. But since when does “drinking” equal “binge drinking” (refer to the graph for explanation).

Allen Weh for governor?

Janice Arnold-Jones for governor?

There might be more swine flu cases in the state, but the Departments of Health and Public Education say it’s safe to go back to school. Nationwide, we’re up to 642.

The insurance industry, cockroach that it is, tries to get around Obama’s proposed health insurance plan.

PNM pays up for air-quality violations.

Specter loses his seniority.

Rail Runner goes to Las Cruces and El Paso this week.

A wildfire in California causes 1,200 homes to evacuate.