The Daily Word 07.01.09

The Daily Word

The state’s death penalty ban goes into effect today.

Franken wins the Senate seat!

The Forest Service is coming down hard on Rainbow Gatherers.

Another woman from the El Paso area has been killed in Juarez.

The South Valley has proposed a new name for itself: Valle de Atrisco.

The driver of the car that killed four Santa Fe teenagers is facing up to 50 years in prison. Meanwhile, defensive driving classes are promoted.

One of McCain’s former backers has come out supporting Obama’s health care proposal.

So did Wal-Mart.

Michael Jackson cut ex-wife Debbie Rowe out of his will.

Meanwhile, MJ tributes around the globe.

And, will Michael Jackson’s body be displayed at Neverland Ranch?

We’re getting fatter.

Two more mesa victims will be laid to rest.

North Korea is running out of food.

Ladybugs wreak “ecological havoc” in Britain. Who’d have thunk it?