The Daily Word 07.24.09

The Daily Word

Some dude crashed his car into an apartment on the Westside. Looks like he fell asleep at the wheel after a night shift.

An Española husband wants millions of dollars, alleging he’s entitled to them after a local politician engaged in “illicit sexual conduct” with his wife.

Mayor Martin Chavez involved in a new lawsuit, with allegations that he pressured a firm for free air travel. (There’s also a really rad picture of him next on NMI’s site.)

Cambridge police have hurt feelings, want an apology from Obama. Cry babies.

Who left 68 boxes of chemicals outside UNM’s chemistry building?

Tijeras man accused of sex crimes against children.

How long will AT&T have the exclusive on the iPhone?

Will the federal program to give people cash for their old cars really work?

The federal minimum wage jumps today.

Amazon apologizes for deleting Orwell books.