The Daily Word 07.27.09

The Daily Word

A new expedition searches for the elusive Mongolian Death Worm.

The Devil made a woman kill her baby.

Sarah Palin says so long. “Together we stand.”

Coke is working on a fizzy milk drink.

Shadow people and the Hat Man continue to torment a small slice of humanity.

Family Guy is controversial but not very funny.

Bill Gates says Facebook is too much trouble.

Now, it’s canary fighting.

They auctioned off Jeane Dixon’s crystal ball.

What could be causing the mysterious crop circles and mutilated elk in Angel Fire, NM. (Note that the author is a time traveler and the farmers are over 99 years old.)

Flugencio Gurule had a pipe bomb.

A party at Princeton and Marble turned into a bloody frat boy knife fight.

On their way home from church, a wheelchair-bound couple was hit by a truck.

It’s Juliana Hatfield’s birthday. Here she is with the Blake Babies in their video for “Out There.”