The Daily Word 08.24.09: Artificial Life, Circumcision, Muck Monster

The Daily Word

It’s raining today and will probably be raining tomorrow.

We will create artificial life within months.

Louis Rosen, father of the Los Alamos Meson Facility, dies at 81.

US considers promoting routine circumcision to prevent HIV.

It’s the last day for Cash for Clunkers.

Mexico City bans plastic shopping bags.

Ryan Alexander Jenkins, the reality TV star and suspect in his model wife’s murder, was found hanged to death in a hotel.

Keyboardist Larry Knechtel died.

Muck Monster spotted in Florida.

A mystery man with amnesia popped up in Seattle.

A Russian bigfoot expedition found some poop and a chunk of skull.

Read about Grinning Man sightings.

UNM classes start today.

Renee Macias Herrera of Texas was killed in a rollover near Roswell.

Los Alamos schools hit with (swine?) flu.

Frederick Garcia, suspected of a San Mateo stabbing on Friday night, had two bloody knives in his pockets, according to authorities.

It’s Kaki King’s birthday. Here she is playing “Neanderthal.”

Thanks to Brutus and Anjou for the hot leads.