The Daily Word 08.25.09: Torture, Cuba, Treasure, UFOs

The Daily Word

Albuquerque’s next money-making scheme: Bring in a federal agency’s business operations and become “the Washington of the West.” ... Even though there’s already a place called Washington in the West.

Were cowhands torturing livestock at a teen rodeo?

In other torture news, Cheney condemns the Obama administration’s investigation of the Bush administration.

Bill Richardson is in Cuba.

Modern treasure hunters search for lost Inca gold.

U.S. budget deficit “underscores the dire fiscal situation that [the White House] inherited.”

A visual guide to the world’s currency.

Health care town hall in Albuquerque, a recap of Bingaman’s thoughts on the matter.

Manta UFOs spotted in New Mexico last month.

See the ten best geologic sites in the U.S.

KFC’s “double down” is a chicken sandwich that uses chicken rather than bread.

Album of the day—crunk style: All Work and No Play by DJ Screw.

Weather: Rain today, temps in the mid ‘80s for the rest of the week. Is fall already sneaking up on us?