The Daily Word 08.26.09: Mayor Chavez, Ted Kennedy, Torture, Town Hall

The Daily Word

Mayor Chavez schooled opponents at last night’s arts forum.

Ted Kennedy died. He was 77.

Recently released torture documents are sick and sad.

Dude got his 22nd DWI on Monday.

New Mexico wants you to get a flu shot.

Young blue-footed booby (a bird from the Galapagos Islands) appears at Conchas Lake.

Richardson wants to export New Mexican food to Cuba. Hey Cuba, it’s chile, not chili, OK?

Auto dealers say Cash for Clunkers was successful.

Jim Moran and Howard Dean spoke, or tried to, at an out-of-hand health care town hall last night in Virginia.

Los Angeles is burning, sort of.

Smith’s Food and Drug exercises environmentalism.

Chris Brown got five years of probation, six months community labor, still has awesome dance moves.

Sookie and Bill are gettin’ hitched.

Weather: Temps still in the mid ‘80s, renegade showers possible. (It’s freakin’ nice out this week!)