The Daily Word 09.21.09: Monkeys, Robots, Billionaires, Ghosts and Car Smashes.

The Daily Word

A monkey pushed a woman off a cliff.

See some My Little Pony superhero modifications.

An army robot can jump over walls. By Mattel.

Our favorite Russian billionaire installed a photo shield on his yacht. Perhaps this will now make him happy, yes?

Palin is going to give a speech about China. You can definitely see Russia from some parts of China.

Super-science: Garrido’s black box allowed him to speak directly through headphones. Here’s how it works.

Zooey Deschanel married the Death Cab for Cutie singer. Pinch me.

The world’s tallest man combs his hair with a wagon wheel.

Here are 15 great lies on Wikipedia.

Check out this massive collection of ghost photos.

A car smashed into Club R&B in Nob Hill.

APD wants to empower residents against property crime through awareness and education (instead of trying to catch the guy who stole my truck). That’s kind of like teachers who give a lot of homework.

Las Cruces kids drowned in a pool of rain water.

A Cibola High School drug ring has been busted.

It’s Stephen King’s birthday. Here’s the trailer for Shining. Makes me laugh every time.

Thanks to Robert Masterson and Darrell Sparks for some of today’s fine links.