The Daily Word 10.09.09: Obama’s Nobel Prize, Breastfeeding, Eigenharp

The Daily Word

Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize. Liberals and conservatives alike say he doesn’t deserve it.

NASA slaps moon with satellite looking for ice.

Masks won’t protect you from H1N1, says state Health Department.

UNM student government has opinions about football coach Locksley (who punched an assistant coach).

It’ll probably be a dry winter.

Local woman kicked off a plane for breastfeeding is suing Delta.

Cadigan ditches Council meeting, leaves Build Unser Now group in the lurch.

Death by sweat lodge in Sedona.

Latter Day taint: Understanding Glenn Beck as a Mormon.

Eigenharp: “The most revolutionary new instrument of the last 60 years.”

Ralph Lauren retouches model until her waist is thinner than her head.

The burial beetle.

Happy Birthday, John Lennon.

Marge Simpson is the covergirl for November’s Playboy.