The Daily Word 10.19.09: Dead Body, Nazi Gnomes, Munchkins, Elvis, Opium, Burglars, Robert Reed

The Daily Word

A dead body rotted on a balcony because neighbors thought it was a Halloween decoration.

Nazi Gnomes are all the rage.

Visit the Opium Museum.

The surviving Munchkins got together for a reunion.

Giant puppets help celebrate the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Behold the future of body pillows.

Read about Obama’s marijuana policy.

A man stabbed his son with a corkscrew for clogging the toilet.

Madonna is a shitty neighbor.

Nobody thought the Illegal Alien halloween costume would offend anyone.

Everybody wants those little turtles, but they’re deadly and that’s why you can’t buy them anymore.

A clump of Elvis’ hair sold for $15,000.

The Chinese built a tabletop black hole.

Did Hitler get away?

There was a bus smash on Central.

Does Berry’s CAO appointment have conflicts of interest?

Alex Barreras knocked out his roommate with a frying pan. Allegedly.

There was a very convincing counterfeit $100 bill in Los Lunas.

Oh, and they caught the Gold Street Caffe burglar, who confessed to six other downtown burglaries including JC’s New York Pizza Department and Slices. There’s no link; I just heard it from Matt Nichols, Gold Street Caffe’s owner who chased the burglar down so the police could arrest him. Nice Job, Matt.

It’s Robert Reed’s birthday. Here’s something that isn’t a waste of time.

Special thanks to Geoffrey Anjou and Christine Huffman for many of today’s fine links.