The Daily Word 11.25.09: Suicide, Coma and Shangri-La.

The Daily Word

A census worker made his suicide look like murder.

A man presumed to be in a coma was conscious for 23 years.

Obama will announce his plan for Afghanistan. Next Tuesday.

A 13-year-old Asperger’s sufferer was lost on the subway for 11 days.

Roman Polanski’ bail was granted in Switzerland.

China executed two people over the melamine milk scandal.

A Swiss man failed to fly from Morocco to Spain with his home-made jet pack.

Read about the new algae batteries.

Has Shangri-La been discovered?

There was a home invasion in Las Cruces.

A grey fox is after some urban chickens at Washington and Hannett.

Berry named James Breen as the new Fire Chief.

County workers in Bloomfield, NM got food poisoning from turkey meat.

Elias Urioste got 40 years for the murder of Vincent Espinosa.

It’s Ricardo Montalbon’s birthday. Here he is doing some Rich Corninthian Star Trek.