The Daily Word, Top News Stories for 03.08.10: Academy Awards, Bottled Ghosts, Prince Mongo.

The Daily Word

Hurt Locker wins best picture while other people and films win other Acadamy Awards.

Prince Mongo of the planet Zambodia hangs underwear around his house.

The Church of Scientology has some memebers sign billion-year contracts.

Ahmadinejad claims 9/11 was a fabrication.

A bear ate a woman's fingers off at a Wisconsin zoo.

A homeless man was arrested for holding a sign that said he was thinking about a cheeseburger.

Now, an earthquake in Turkey.

Some maintain that Robert Wagner killed Natalie Wood.

Mary Josephine Ray died yesterday at nearly 115 years old.

Christians dominate the home-schooling industry.

Two ghosts captured in bottles are for sale. Also, here’s a haunted doll update.

Here’s a weekend deadly car-smash recap.

A body found in a South Valley ditch was identified as Debbie Arlene Martinez.

Classes teach New Mexicans how to grow good pot.

A small plane landed on I-25 due to engine failure.

It’s Gary Numan’s birthday. Oh, hello...Numan.