The Daily Word 04.05.10 - Earthquake, Hitler, Mitch Pileggi.

The Daily Word

Space Shuttle Discovery blasts off to deliver racks to the International Space Station.

There was a deadly Mexican earthquake.

Hitler’s art is for sale.

Eight people died in a Taliban attack in Pakistan.

54 people were arrested for disorderly conduct after a Manhattan car show.

Tunnelling into banks is all the rage.

Steampunk taxidermy.

KFC’s Bacon Sandwich on Chicken Bread goes live April 12.

The Burger King’s bout with insanity naturally offended some people.

Pac-Man appears on Saturn’s moon.

A candlelight vigil is held for the East Mountain baby found dead in a box. No guitars, please.

City workers threaten suicide and violence over pay cuts.

An Albuquerque teacher is accused of beating up a third-grader.

The Rail Runner will no longer wait for you.

It’s Mitch Pileggi’s birthday. Here he is with Mulder in an “X-Files” slideshow with a Kenny Loggins soundtrack.