The Daily Word 5.18.10: Google Is Watching You, God’s Oil Spill, Red Light Cameras Off

A teacher uses a hypothetical assassination of President Obama to teach a geometry problem. Creepy.

Should trained chimps be predicting hurricanes?

A man is accused of trying to swap his 3-month-old daughter for beer.

Google admits to recording communications sent over wireless networks in people’s homes. Way to out-Big Brother Big Brother, Google.

According to Ted Turner, God is responsible for the massive Gulf oil spill. Makes sense.

4 people commute to work naked to publicize a TV show in London.

A woman chases a Wendy’s worker with a taser after they messed up her order.

Janet Napolitano is vehemently against SB 1070, but hasn’t even read it.

According to Woody Allen, Obama should be a dictator for a few years.

President of HDNet and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says print is not dead.

Albuquerque City Council rejects a proposal to boycott Arizona. Berry’s immigration policy stays.

Red light cameras at three major Albuquerque intersections are now turned off.

Verizon forgives an $18,000 phone bill a man’s son racked up while using the internet.