The Daily Word 6.07.10: Rio Fire, Twilight, Jim Gaffigan.

The Daily Word

An Ohio tornado killed seven people.

Porn actor Bruce Borihanh killed a co-worker with a samurai sword then jumped off a cliff.

Helen Thomas wants Israel out of Palestine.

Yes, there are now Twilight credit cards.

Condoms filled with vomit.

Matthew Moneymaker is impressed with the latest thermal yeti films.

Finally, we get some decent heroin around here.

Read about ancient super-science.

Learn about beer.

The bald beast was a mink.

Fish with hands.

Val Kilmer’s in the news with the same old news.

The Rio Fire near Jemez Springs is fully contained.

There was a deadly Rio Rancho rollover.

There was a neck shooting at 9th and Gold. Do we have a serial neck-shooter?

It’s Jim Gaffigan’s birthday.