This Week's News & Opinion: A soldier in the drug war switches sides, Gessing again

Judge James Gray
Judge James Gray

Talking Points: A Soldier in the Drug War Switches Sides — talking with Conservative Judge James Gray

Election 2010: Register by Tuesday, Oct. 5, or no ballot for you

Council Watch: Deadly force from guns and nukes, plus the mayor asks Albuquerque to clean up for the Balloon Fiesta

Gessing Again: See-through government and transparency websites

Odds & Ends: Almighty Supremeborn Allah arrested for cocaine on High Street, Bongo Jesus goes bonkers, dashboard ”narcosaint” tips off $19.3 million drug deal, drunk driving ... and towing, bleaching the ice cream man

Letters: APD Shooting stats, voting with your dollar, Albuquerque is a drug-infested ghetto, fair music, a prairie dog on the Sunport exterminations, advocating for film advocates